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A jewel stabilizer that is gentle on the record player while taking full advantage of the noise dampening properties of sapphire.

What is a stabilizer?

The stabilizer holds down the record, preventing slippages and maintaining a stable state. It also prevents vibrations from the record player and motor from being transmitted through the spindle to the record itself. Conventional stabilizers weigh between a few hundred grams up to a few kilograms. The ORSONIC stabilizer is a lightweight type weighing less than 100 grams, but has surprisingly superior performance. Instead of simply increasing the mass of the turntable and pressing everything down, the ORSONIC stabilizer takes full advantage of the unique dampening characteristics of sapphire to efficiently reduce vibrations on the record surface and achieve sound quality improvement without excessive weight. Due to its light weight, there is no need to worry about excessive load on the rotating shaft and the issues that can cause such as making smooth playback difficult, noise from rotating parts, or damage to bearings, etc.
With an outside diameter of 38 mm, it can also be used as an EP Adapter.
The sapphire crystal adds a touch of luxury to your music enjoyment experience.

Craftsman's voice

One requirement of stabilizers is to be able to set it on the center of the record without damaging it. Adamand Namiki is an expert in cutting and grinding sapphire, a material with hardness second only to diamond. Our proprietary methods and knowhow help solve these issues.
We have designed the stabilizer with a straight hole in the middle and polished both ends, so that it can be easily installed on the spindle. The ends have been ultra-flat polished to optical lens standards, ensuring that it will not damage the record. In addition, the corners have been beveled at both ends so it can be used in either direction.
Using a jewel, we have created a stabilizer that is easy to handle and friendly to record players.

Sapphire stabilizer

We had serious record enthusiasts try out our products.

This is what they had to say.
  • It works perfectly.
  • I had the sense that compared to CDs, there is less audio information on LPs, I can hear significantly more of the LP's info.
  • It's like a fog has lifted. The heavy bass has become more distinct.
  • It is as if the volume itself has increased by 1 db.
  • You can almost see the timpani being played.
  • This sharp clarity is unheard of in analog.

Sir Georg Solti conducts / Also Sprach Zarathustra
Steely Dan / Gaucho
※Full movie 【STEREO magazine YouTube】(JAPANESE)

How to use stabilizers

Place the record onto the record player. Place the stabilizer onto the spindle, on top of the record.

How to use stabilizers

Product Information


Product name
: Stabilizer

Model No.
: OS-101

Made in Japan


: Single crystal sapphire

: Outer diameter 38mm, Inner diameter 7.3mm,
Thickness 20mm

: 87g
Drawing of stabilizer

Handling precautions

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ORSONIC Stabilizer OS-101

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