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RC Servo Motor CRS17-2502DC Coreless

Precious metal brush, Sleeve bearings RC Servo motor

Please provide corresponding pinion gear or specify pinion paramenters for sample making.

CRS17-2502 Specifications

    RC Servo MotorCR17-2502
1 Nomal voltage 12 V
2 No load speed 17300 rpm
3 No load current 25 mA
4 Stall torque 38.53 mNm
5 Stall current 5.9 mA
6 Output power 17.5 W
7 Max. efficiency 87.4 %
8 Terminal resistance 2.0 Ω
9 Friction torque 0.165 mNm
10 Back-EMF constant 0.691 mV/rpm
11 Torque constant 6.60 mNm/A
12 Slope of N-T curve 449 rpm/mNm
13 Mechanical time constant 8.0 ms

Mechanical data

14 Shaft thrust play 0.03~0.3

*Reduction gear cannot be attached to this model

Other spec

15 Operating temperature -20~+60
16 Number of segments 5  
17 Bearing type Sintered sleeve metal  
18 Weight 30 g

*Reduction gear cannot be attached to this model.

RC Servo Motor CRS17-2502

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