Contracted Processing /
Development Projects

We undertake contracted processing / development projects for various kinds of materials in order to comply with a variety of requests from our customers:

Precision polishing / micromachining

Drawing on our experience in polishing special materials such as sapphire and diamond substrates, we undertake precision polishing of various materials in both small yield and mass production quantities.

Single crystal growth contracted development

We have extensive experience in mass producing sapphire substrates using the EFG method, and have also engaged in growing diamond and gallium oxide crystals. We are also well equipped and knowledgeable in crystal growing methods other than EFG, and with this expertise, we are undertaking contracted R&D and support business for creating new single crystal materials.
We can create a proposal for mass production crystal growth at lower cost by growing crystals in a controlled shape optimized for various applications.

If you are interested in crystal growth development and/or new material development, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contracted manufacturing of jewelry and shaped articles

We undertake contracted manufacturing of jewels, shaped articles, and exterior components using sapphire material and our processing technology that has been time-tested through our experience in making watch components.

Please feel free to contact us for trial manufacture consultation, OEM production, commercialization requests, etc.

Further Information

Sapphire Jewelry

Development consulting

We accommodate a variety of requests from our customers with our comprehensive technology that supports sapphire/diamond processing from crystal growth to polishing/final cleaning. We also will take on various joint ventures, set up a polishing line, and license polishing/cleaning technology as described below. Please feel free to contact us.

  • material
    Crystal growing

    Supplied material
  • process

    Precise drilling
  • cleaning
    Precise cleaning

    Special cleaning
  • QA

    Measurement Analysis
  • packing

We contribute to the development of next generation materials, new materials, R&D, and polishing for hard-to-process materials.

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