The Namiki microridge stylus (or, MR stylus), as its name suggests, has a miniscule curve radius that is impossible in other styli. It has a belt-like (microridge) shape with a width of just a few microns and a suitable height.

In most styli, the curvature increases due to wear, consequently reducing performance. However, our microridge shape has the benefit of being difficult to wear down, and has the distinctive characteristic of maintaining performance capability right up to the end. Using the Namiki MR stylus, there is the potential to develop a perfect playback system, with increased dynamic range of sound, more faithful, high quality recording, and high density mechanical recording.

Additionally, these improvements can be achieved by simply upgrading an existing sound system, without needing to make any drastic changes.


  1. Carefully-selected, natural octahedral single crystal diamond is precisely processed after determining the exact crystal axis. The MR stylus has a micro curvature radius that picks up the smallest signals and plays them back. The belt-like (microridge) contact shape has a uniform, few-micron width and suitable height.
  2. The unique microridge shape of our stylus enables microprecision processing, and accurate production of a very small curvature radius not possible with conventional styli.
  3. With conventional styli, there is a tendency for the curvature radius to increase over time due to wear. In contrast, a main feature of the microridge structure is that wear won't change the curvature radius.
  4. The MR stylus allows for undistorted playback of high frequency sound and high dynamic range.
  5. The microprecise curvature radius reproduces sound without distortion near both the center and periphery of the record.
  6. Since the MR stylus requires greater high-density mechanical sound recording, it allows for high quality record production.
  7. With the above merits, the MR stylus is truly a high-quality stylus that enables enhanced performance and high-fidelity sound reproduction.
r R Rw Rh T G
MR-XL 2 ~ 3μ 70 ~ 80μ 4 ~ 6μ 5 ~ 10μ 15 ~ 21 Dc > 6μ

Comparison of Frequency Response between MicroRidge and Line Contact

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