Step Sapphire Wafers

When heat treatment is applied to the a precision polished sapphire wafer, an atomic step is formed and it becomes a step wafer.
In a sapphire c plane wafer, a single step with the height of one atom layer (0.22nm) is formed, and a predetermined step height and terrace width are formed according to the off angle of the crystal face and crystal axis. Theoretically, in a 0.15 degree off, c-plane wafer, the terrace width is 80nm, and it can be used as a nanoscale with a height of 0.22nm and a terrace width of 80nm.

Since there is nothing comparable to this precision when doing nano-scale visualizatione or imaging of microscopic structures like DNA, we can take advantage of the sapphire step wafer feature and use it as a fixed standard or guide in the world of nano-technology.

Moreover, since the step wafer has a super-flat surface, in addition to a DNA observation stage, it is also expected to have applications such as nanowire.

Please do not hesitate to ask about commercial production utilizing sapphire step wafer features.

Introducation of Technologies

  • Long Life
  • Low Cost (re-cleanable)
  • Useful in various measurement environment
    (High Temperature Resistance, Chemical Resistance)
  • Entire Linear Surface in Wide Area
  • Step Height Uniformity (0.22nm±0.01nm)
  • Extra Smooth Surface Terraces
  • Terrace Width is Controllable (100~200nm)

Expected Applications

  • Height standard sample for SPM
  • Immobilization plate for observing biomaterials such as DNA, Protein
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