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Our Initiative for SDGs – Recycling Company Uniforms

   Last Modified:    Published: 2021/08

By Riyako Namiki, President and CEO

Reducing garbage and recycling resources emerge as an issue that is closely related to our daily life and can be resolved through our actions to pass the beautiful planet to future generations.

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. is a Japanese manufacturer which boasts a world-class technology. Cutting back garbage is also a big challenge for the entire manufacturing industry.

Every day, I am thinking what we can do to achieve the goal, even with small things.

In April this year, Adamant Namiki provided new uniforms to its factory workers. Accordingly, we had to throw away old outfits.

I explored the possibility of recycling used overalls, which would otherwise have to be discarded. I asked for advice from my friend who knows a lot about recycling. Thanks to him, I got a wonderful opportunity.

 At first, Agrigarden, a non-profitable organization in Okayama Prefecture, told us that they wanted to utilize those used overalls. I was very delighted to hear that those outfits were considered to be perfect for their farming clothes.

Ultimately, we had to give up the plan due to COVID-19 outbreak. Alternatively, Jujiya Group, a parent organization of Agrigarden, proposed that it would make use of our unworn uniforms in stock as part of its disaster relief activities. Jujiya Group, which has been engaged in social contribution activities or years, sent to us a polite thank-you note.

While I hope there will be no disasters in future, I would be very glad if  those overalls are utilized at the event of emergency.

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