Coreless motor

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Introduction to winding nozzles: an essential component of the motor coil winding process

Electric motors are found all around us in our modern world, from cars to home appliances, and office equipment to indu...
DC motor and motor units

Small Servo Motor for Robot Joints

Small Servo motors for robots extending from communication robots to industrial applications Theindustry's smallest ...
DC motor and motor units

What is the difference between a brushless motor and a brushed motor? Explaining the features of Adamant Namiki brushless motors.

What is a brushless motor? Brushless motors are motors in which the mechanical contact parts, such as commutators an...
DC motor and motor units

What are End Effectors?

End effectors are devices attached to the ends of robotic arms or SCARA devices that grasp, lift, drill, move, screw, w...
DC motor and motor units

Bionic (Prosthetic) Hands and Micro-motors

Bionic prosthetics are no longer rare, and costs have decreased significantly. We would like to development of introduce prosthetic hands and micromotor for prosthetic hands.
DC motor and motor units

Micro Mechanism

In recent years, Minimal Invasive Surgery(MIS,) which minimizes surgery incisions and shortens a patient’s recovery per...
DC motor and motor units

The Story of Motor – Rule, principle and history –

Since 1973, Adamant Namiki have been focusing on small motors and manufacturing coreless motors. We would like to intro...
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