IoT solution


The possibilities of Energy Harvesting: A world of supply-less devices

Introduction Many devices in the modern age are IoT devices that have sensors and network connectivity. The number o...
Fiber Optic Components

100 times faster than 5G! What is possible with 6G?

Compatible smartphones have been released and various services and demonstrations are being conducted. Full-scale comme...
Energy Harvesting

What is Energy Harvesting? What is Energy Harvesting Challenges?

Internet of things (IoT: devices that connect to the internet) and machine to machine (M2M: devices that connect to eac...
Energy Harvesting

Transmission Distance of IoT Devices

Many IoT devices currently on the market are fitted with wireless communication modules, such as Bluetooth modules, tha...
Energy Harvesting

Securing power for IoT devices

In recent years, the market has seen the long-awaited introduction of devices and systems that communicate information ...
Energy Harvesting

Issues in implementing EH devices

Numerous examples of harvesting kinetic energy of the surroundings to power sensors and telecommunications modules exis...
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