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Adamant Namiki’s Initiative for SDGs– Adamant Namiki Registers Patented Technologies to SDGs-Support Database of U.N.

In December 2021, Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd. registered its patented technologies to an online database o...
DC motor and motor units

What is a collaborative robot? An introduction to the functions and performance of collaborative robots

At factories such as those that manufacture automobiles and precision equipment, various industrial robots are in opera...
DC motor and motor units

Small Servo Motor for Robot Joints

Small Servo motors for robots extending from communication robots to industrial applications Theindustry's smallest ...
DC motor and motor units

What are End Effectors?

End effectors are devices attached to the ends of robotic arms or SCARA devices that grasp, lift, drill, move, screw, w...
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