Parts for Blood Analyzers


When measuring the number of blood cells with a blood cell counter, the blood cell is counted as it passes through the small hole of a pellet.
Inevitably, the path of the hole has to be a determined size for accuracy.

The inside diameter, from the prepared hole made with our in-house processing machine to the finishing, requires careful attention and it is done manually by an expert.
In order to count blood cells correctly, it is essential to make the hole in the pellet uniform.

There are two methods of analysis: with a plate and without plate.
With the plate, the glaze and item being measured are left on the plate, and when counting, can pass through the central part of the inside diameter for a more exact measurement.

Plate shape is almost the same as watch jewel bearings and is mirror finished with in-house production machines.

Without plate

  • Min. hole dia.: 50um
  • Hole dia. tolerance: Range 2um
  • Hole dia. roundness: Range 2um
  • Parallelism: 10um, max.
  • Thickness tolerance: Range 5um

With plate (specification)

  • Hole dia. tolerance: Range 4um
  • Hole dia. roundness: Range 5um
  • Inside dia. straight: Range 10um

Custom-made is possible upon request.

Regulator cock

Alumina ceramic regulator valve cocks are used as important parts which consistently supply a fixed quantity of liquids during analytical measurement of blood and environmental endocrine disrupter analysis.

The material consists mainly of three doughnut-shaped parts made of alumina. The surface polish is an especially important element.

The middle of the fixed part is double side polished, and both of the side pieces are single side polished, making it possible to adhere the straight SUS or U shape pipe on the back side.

We provide a smooth opening and closing valve cock that prevents leaks by polishing the customer's desired number of interference bands.

Please do not hesitate to consult us regarding size and polishing.

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