Cartridge Spacer

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The high Young's Modulus of sapphire produces clear, realistic sound.

What is a Cartridge Spacer?

Cartridge spacers are used to adjust the total weight of the headshell and to adjust the height of the stylus point. It is also used to reduce vibrations. The cartridge spacer prevents vibrations received by the records from being transmitted through the tonearm to the cartridge, resulting in much clearer sound reproduction. Cartridge spacers made of cloth, wood, resin, metal, ceramics and other materials are available on the market. Adamand Namiki has produced the world’s first sapphire cartridge spacer. By using such a hard material with high Young’s modulus, it is possible to block excess vibration and faithfully reproduce a clear and realistic sound.

Craftsman's voice

Sapphire is a very hard crystal. On the other hand, it chips easily. Even if the thickness is reduced by just 0.1 mm, chips from processing become very visible. Adamand Namiki's vast processing knowhow, such as grinding and polishing technologies, have allow us to resolve these issues and provide beautiful products free of chips.
With the help of a sound professional and countless audio testing, the thickness of the cartridge spacer has been dialed in precisely to create a comfortable and well-balanced sound.

Sapphire cartridge spacer

We had serious record enthusiasts try out our products.

This is what they had to say.
  • I can hear the crispness of the guitar.
  • With all of the noise gone, the sound is clear, and you can really appreciate the depth of the music.
  • There are no idiosyncrasies.
  • The bass part is crisp and clear.
  • Even when it is too effective, the sound is still very satisfactory.

Record: TESLA / Five Man London Jam

How to Use Cartridge Spacers

Place the cartridge spacer between the cartridge and the headshell. Fasten with screw.

How to use cartridge spacers

Product Information


Product name
: Cartridge spacer

Model No.
: OS-201

Made in Japan


: Single crystal sapphire

: Height 16mm, width 16mm,
Thickness 0.4 mm

: 0.4g

Load capacity
: 5kg
Drawings of cartridge spacer

Handling precautions

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ORSONIC Cartridge Spacer OS-201

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