Precision jewel Parts

Jewel bearings: Adamant Namiki and the watch industry [Story of Watch 1]

The birth of Japanese-made watches that kept accurate time Our involvement in the watch industry began in 1949 with...

The possibilities of Energy Harvesting: A world of supply-less devices

Introduction Many devices in the modern age are IoT devices that have sensors and network connectivity. The number o...
Interview with Female Entrepreneur

Interview with Female Entrepreneur Vol.3

For our third interview, we invited Ms. Mayumi Oku, vice president of Okushu PLUS K.K. in Yokote City in Akita Prefecture, where Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.
Precision jewel Parts

What are Porous Ceramics and how are they different from regular ceramics?

Ceramics are solids made of non-metallic materials such as zirconia and alumina which are shaped and hardened by firing...
Fiber Optic Components

Lensed Fibers: Brief introduction to the functions and manufacturing methods

Semiconductor components such as laser diodes, light-emitting diodes, and photo diodes are used in optical communicatio...
Interview with Female Entrepreneur

Lily Style: Interview with Female Entrepreneur in Japan vol.2
By Riyako Lily Namiki, President and CEO

For the second interview, I invited Ms. Chikako Morimoto, a recruitment consultant.

Adamant Namiki’s Initiative for SDGs – Launching ‘’fro-pro’’ Workshop

By Riyako Namiki, President and CEO Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. recently decided to launch a workshop to enco...

Method for mass production of 2-inch diamond wafers developed – Expected to spur industrialization of power-semiconductor devices

Adamant-Namiki Precision Jewel Co. Ltd. (Adachi-ku Tokyo, President and CEO Riyako Namiki) has succeeded in developing ...

Workshop for parents and children to learn how to survive natural disasters

A while ago, we held a workshop for parents and children to learn and acquire leadership and survival techniques. In recent years, we have frequently suffered natural disasters such as earthquakes and rain storms. It is a very important skill to get creative and utilize whatever lies ready to hand when logistics is cut off and food and other necessities run short.
DC motor and motor units

What is a collaborative robot? An introduction to the functions and performance of collaborative robots

At factories such as those that manufacture automobiles and precision equipment, various industrial robots are in opera...
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