Participating in EPIC Adaptive Surfing Event in Chigasaki, Japan

By Riyako Namiki, President and CEO In the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer, a surfing became a new official event. W...

World’s First Artificial Diamond Substrate Exposure Experiment in Space

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd. (Adachi-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO, Riyako Namiki) will conduct the world's ...

Our Initiative for SDGs – Recycling Company Uniforms

By Riyako Namiki, President and CEO Reducing garbage and recycling resources emerge as an issue that is closely rela...

High-quality and Large-diameter Diamond Substrates

In the previous blog installment, we discussed many of the different ways that diamonds, the king of all materials, cou...

Interview article of our President Riyako Namiki appeared in Newsweek International and the Worldfolio website.

To our great pleasure, interview of our President Riyako Namiki by the Worldfolio, a British news agency, was published...
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The Importance of Chip Mounter Nozzles

Many electronic components, or chips, are mounted onto the printed circuit boards that are used in almost all of today’s electronic devices. To be mounted, the chip must be positioned accurately onto the circuit board. During manufacture, machines called chip mounters are used to pick up and place such chips onto the printed circuit boards.

The Bright Future Being Created by Diamonds

The diamond is truly the king of all materials. It has many excellent properties besides its incredible hardness and hi...
Fiber Optic Components

What is an Optical Fiber Array? – Connecting devices with optical waveguide elements are indispensable for next-generation high-speed, large-capacity optical communications.

Optical fiber arrays are devices needed for realizing high-speed, large-capacity optical communication systems.High-spe...

Islander Summit Ishigaki – to Reflect on SDGs from Global Perspective

By President and CEO Riyako Namiki In 2019, an international private summit meeting took place in Ishigaki Islan...
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Introduction to winding nozzles: an essential component of the motor coil winding process

Electric motors are found all around us in our modern world, from cars to home appliances, and office equipment to indu...
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