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Space Delivery Project: Return to Earth
Initial shipment launched
Scheduled to return to Earth
after 6 months of exposure to outer space

The resupply spacecraft Cygnus (NG-17) has lifted-off towards the International Space Station (ISS) with a load of Adam...

Adamant Namiki’s Initiative for SDGs– Adamant Namiki Registers Patented Technologies to SDGs-Support Database of U.N.

In December 2021, Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd. registered its patented technologies to an online database o...
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The Importance of Chip Mounter Nozzles

Many electronic components, or chips, are mounted onto the printed circuit boards that are used in almost all of today’s electronic devices. To be mounted, the chip must be positioned accurately onto the circuit board. During manufacture, machines called chip mounters are used to pick up and place such chips onto the printed circuit boards.
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Introduction to winding nozzles: an essential component of the motor coil winding process

Electric motors are found all around us in our modern world, from cars to home appliances, and office equipment to indu...
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The Feature of Jewelry

The gemstone is a stone destined to become a precious gem. It has to be beautiful.It has to be hard and durableBeing...
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Crystal of Jewel

Every crystal is formed so that the atoms are orderly lined up in accordance with certain rules. The crystal of which a...
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Color of Jewel

Color of Jewel As a charm point of Jewelry, a number of colors are available. There are two basic colors: one is Idi...
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Cut of Jewel

About Cut of Jewel By cutting and grinding a raw gem, the brilliance of jewelry is different, brightness of jewelry ...
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Cleavage of Jewel

What is Cleavage of Jewel The word 'cleavage' originally referred to 'tearing and opening'. It has a characteris...
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Production of Sapphire

Many people have attempted to mix elements and produce beautiful synthetic crystals. These attempts happened after the ...
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