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Sapphire Glass [Story of Watch 4]

Sapphire glass material and processing As Japan's economy boomed, luxury watches began to garner more attention....
Precision jewel Parts

History of Adamant Namiki crystal glass [Story of Watch 3]

Variations of crystal glass Since the 1970s and 80s, Adamant Namiki has had the processing technology to produce not...
Precision jewel Parts

Watch glass [Story of Watch 2]

The birth of crystal glass With the demands of the time, the plastic that had previously been used for watch glass w...
Precision jewel Parts

Jewel bearings: Adamant Namiki and the watch industry [Story of Watch 1]

The birth of Japanese-made watches that kept accurate time Our involvement in the watch industry began in 1949 with...

Watch Parts: Beautiful work of craftsmanship -the world’s first artificial diamond parts-

Adamant-Namiki and LEMO Group have many similarities in their history, structure and values. Both are family-owned comp...
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Crystal of Jewel

Every crystal is formed so that the atoms are orderly lined up in accordance with certain rules. The crystal of which a...
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