Design Technology

We have the capabilities to optimize the coupling between the light emitted from a laser diode and a fiber by optical simulation testing, which is key in the production and sales of modules. We also aim to expand our business by pursuing new market possibilities such as lighting applications using visible light lasers and additional areas other than communication applications. We aim to optimize our products by performing flow analysis, stabilizing our injection molded products and analyzing stress levels during connector mating in the manufacturing of optical communication devices for various applications.

Measurement Analysis Technology

We aim to stabilize the quality of our products by observing the microstructure, analyzing elements, the accurate analysis of parts and materials, along with high product reliability. In regards to our ceramic products in particular, we can introduce the latest model of high resolution scanning electron microscope, confirm the ceramic particle size, voids, and other material characteristics leading to improved ceramic material and structure.

Optical mounting technology

We have a wide range of equipment related to optical mounting services and can offer optimum mounting proposals for all custom requirements and projects. We can offer services in the areas of die and wire bonding for micro optical elements, electronic parts, MEMS and other areas. In addition to our mounting technology, we can also hermetically seal various packages (metal and ceramics) for component protection as well. We can also offer and provide consultation for packaging services in accordance to customer design specifications and requirements.

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