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Wafer Cleaning System

Wafer Cleaning SystemNAMIKI-ECCLEAR

Wafer cleaning system NAMIKI-ECCLEAR - the world's first cleaning tool enabling high quality cleaning and drying for wafers less than 2 inches in diameter.
Until now, cleaning for new materials, such as small crystals or wafers less than 2 inches in diameter, has been limited to processes such as dip cleaning, resulting in unsatifactory cleanliness. Because of this, it has been a challenge to make devices that are able to utilize these new, advanced materials to their full potential.

NAMIKI-ECCLEAR has been built on Namiki's own cleaning know-how, developed through the manufacturing of sapphire wafers for LED applications, and features a newly-developed, original cleaning/drying mechanism for small-sized wafers. With these new functions, NAMIKI-ECCLEAR has a capability of high level cleaning and solves the previous issues of cleaning, which had become an obstacle in the development of these new, advanced materials.

Through NAMIKI-ECCLEAR, Namiki strongly supports the development of new advanced materials and manufacturing of related devices.


Original Scrubber Cleaning System
Original Scrubber Cleaning System

High-efficiency particle removal is achieved without causing surface or subsurface damages.

Drying System
Drying System (Patent Pending)

High quality of drying for small wafers is achieved with decentering spin dryer.

Patent No. WO2015-098699

Customizable Functionality

Able to customize according to specific needs.

Applicable Objects
  • Single crystal (GaN, SiC, AlN, Sapphire, Diamond)
  • Optical glass
  • Biochip
Wafer Cleaning System


  1. Wafer transportation
  2. Vacuum chuck
  3. Rinse (with pure water)
  4. Scrubber cleaning
    (with cleaning solution)
  5. Megasonic cleaning
  6. Spin dryer
  7. Wafer transportation

Example of cleaning results

<□5mm Sapphire substrate>
□5mmサファイア基板 洗浄条件
<□5mm GaN Substrate>
AFMによる付着物観察 CL観察による僭称検査

Particles were removed after cleaning without formation of latent flaws.


Adamant Namiki is also providing contract wafer cleaning service.

Cleaning process Single wafer
Wafer size □3~5mm, φ0.5", φ1"
(Others also available)
Cleaning time using
recommended process
(loading to unloading)
Function Wafer transportation
Scrubber cleaning (brush height adjustable)
Mega sonic cleaning @950kHz
Decentering spin dryer (rotational speed:~3,000rpm)
HEPA filter (FFU)
480W x 600D x 1,680H
Utilities Air pump (external): 0.5MPa or higher
DI water (recommended process): 400ml/wafer
Power supply: 100VAC single-phase 1,000W


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