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Sapphire Wafers

Sapphire Wafers

Adamant-Namiki employs a unique crystal growth method, EFG (Edge-defined Film-Fed Growth Method), that eliminates the need for additional processing by growing single crystal sapphire in a sheet-shape, thereby enabling the sapphire wafer to meet QCD (quality, cost, and delivery) requirements.
In addition to standard grade substrates for general LED use, we also offer high quality, prime grade wafers. The high quality cleaning applied to prime grade wafers results in low particles and low metal contamination(*) . (*) K,Ca,Ti,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn < 5E10 /cm2 with TXRF We control flatness (TTV,BOW,WARP, etc.) with precision manufacturing technology, and warpage problem that can occur during epitaxial growth is minimized. The prime grade wafer is optimal for new process/product development. Application examples of prime grade wafer: micro-LED, DUV-LED, RF device, AlN/Ga2O3 template.

Item Specification
Diameter φ2 inch φ4 inch φ6 inch φ8 inch
Material Artificial sapphire( Al2O3 ≥ 99.99%)
Thickness 430±15μm 650±15μm 1300±20μm 1300±20μm
OF length 16±1mm 30±1mm 47.5±2.5mm 47.5±2.5mm
OF orientation a-plane 0±0.3°
TTV * ≦10μm ≦10μm ≦15μm ≦15μm
BOW * -10 ~ 0μm -15 ~ 0μm -20 ~ 0μm -25 ~ 0μm
Warp * ≦15μm ≦20μm ≦25μm ≦30μm
Front side
Epi-ready (Ra<0.3nm)
Back side
Lapping (Ra 0.6 - 1.2μm)
Packaging Vacuum packaging in clean room
Prime grade High quality cleaning : particle size ≧ 0.3um), ≦ 0.18pcs/cm2, metal contamination ≦ 5E10/cm2
Remarks Customizable specifications: a/ r/ m-plane orientation, off-angle, shape, double side polishing

*TTV (Total Thickness Variation):TTV is the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the wafer thickness
*BOW:The distance between the surface and the best fit plane at the center of an unclamped wafer
*Warp:The difference between the maximum positive and minimum deviations from the best fit plane (wafer unclamped)


High quality and services for next-generation semiconductor devices and epitaxial growth

  • High flatness (controlled TTV, BOW, and WARP etc.)
  • High quality cleaning (low particles, lowmetal contamination)
  • Substrate drilling, grooving, cutting, and backside polishing
  • Attachment of measurement data such as cleanness and shape of substrate. (optional)

Depending on the specs, we have inventory for 2 to 8inch, or 300mm diameter substrates.
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