Zirconia with bioactive surface

Biomaterials are materials used in medical devices, and in particular, those that directly or indirectly interact with living tissue for the purpose of repairing a damaged body. Biomaterials are used in drug delivery and regenerative medicine, as well as for treatment via implantation into living organisms.
Zirconia, a kind of oxide ceramic, has attracted attention as a next generation biomaterial with its chemical stability and excellent mechanical properties. However, zirconia has no bioactivity, and improvement was desired in this regard. In order to meet such needs, we have developed a new, bioactive zirconia using a special process that gives the material bioactivity without reducing its strength.

Bio-Zirconia (Zirconia with bioactive surface)

We have successfully created a bioactive zirconia, and named the resulting material Bio-Zirconia. Bio-zirconia is a zirconia in which biological activity is produced by modifying only the surface through a special process. This material demonstrates excellent strength and fracture toughness without any impairment to zirconia’s intrinsic mechanical properties.

Bio-Zirconia + Porous Ceramic

Bio-zirconia can also be made porous, with bioactive pore wall surfaces. Tests done using simulated body fluid have confirmed that the material has good bioactivity up into its deep pores.

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