Lensed Fiber

Lensed Fibers are required for the manufacturing of Butterfly Type and Optical Pump Modules. By our processes of discharging, etching, lapping, polishing and grinding the end face of the fiber, we can configure the Lensed Fiber form similar to an actual lens shape suitable for connection and improved coupling efficiency with LD and PD Modules.

We have several lens fiber types, CLF (Cylindrical Lensed Fiber) and SLF (Spherical Lensed Fiber) and we can also combine the process to include Metallization, AR-Coating, Metal Tube and FBG with the lensed fiber assembly.

All of our Lens Fibers are custom products designed per customer specification requirements and processed based on our extensive experience resulting in an optimum design to fulfill your needs.

Lensed Fiber Processing Technology

  • Select fiber tip configuration and beam pattern.
  • Unique fiber tip polishing process utilizing own process equipment.
  • Reducing fiber core offset by well established processing.
Fiber Tip Configration Beam pattern Aprlication
Spherical Lensed Fiber(SLF)
  • 1310nm, 1550nm LD Coupling
    → LD Module
  • OWG, Si-wire waveguides
  • Out put to PD
  • Microscopic region Lighting
Cylindrical Lensed Fiber(CLF)
  • 980nm LD Coupling
    → Amp LD Module
    → High Power LD Module
    (Fiber Laser, Medical)
  • Visible Light etc.
  • OWG, Functional waveguides
Biconic Lensed Fiber
  • 1480nm LD Coupling
    → Amp LD Module
  • Visible Light etc.
  • OWG, Functional waveguides




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Lensed Fiber

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