Precision Nozzle

Due to our very high-precision processing, based on our core technologies cutting, grinding and polishing, our micro precision nozzles are used in various industries, like semiconductor, industrial equipment, medical, R&D, etc. In order to meet custom requirements, our nozzles are made of materials such as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Tungsten Carbide or Ceramic(Zirconia, Alumina) and for example also heat-resistant resin can be used. Please feel free to contact us.

Our long-life nozzles are adopted as a liquid material discharge device requiring highly accurate coating amount control. Particularly, with the expansion of panel size, further improvements in accuracy are required, surface abrasion technology of the nozzle tip and precision machining of the inner and outer diameters are utilized, enabling stable and accurate control of coating amount, single crystal ruby Nozzles are useful in the field.

Cross Section
Nozzle Tip(top view)
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