Fine Hole Processing

Adamant Namiki's fine hole processing technology has evolved from micron- to nano-level order. By applying the polishing technique we use for our diamond stylus, we developed an in-house diamond micro drill for precision drilling. Moreover, we introduced cutting-edge femtosecond laser processing technology. By combining the femtosecond laser and diamond micro drill, we have established ultra-precision hole processing from micron- to nano-level order.
These ultra-fine holes are mass-produced as nozzles for microfluidic devices. Minute volumes of various liquids and gasses can be precisely controlled.
For the biomedical field, where research has been active in recent years, we have developed and produced a cell membrane monitoring device which can be used to observe micron-order cell membranes. Although it is hard to handle micro-sized samples, this device uses suction to fix membranes to a micro-hole array, enabling them to be handled quantitatively.
We can respond to a variety of requests, such as the development of parts for industrial and laboratory analysis equipment that require micro-holes. Our company’s core technology (cutting, grinding and polishing) has been built on processing hard materials, and we can offer you the best solutions for materials such as silica glass, sapphire and ceramics.

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