Cell Membrane Analysis Tool

Use example for bio: we are able to array cell-sized micro holes on the quartz plate by combining in-house diamond drill processing(≥φ260μm) with femtosecond laser processing(≥φ0.5μm)

By connecting this plate with a suction pump system,
it is possible to observe suspended matter at cell-level on the stage of a handheld inverted microscope.

We can customize the plate with desired hole sizes for floating cell, cell membrane, protist, etc., and even provide the complete system, with suction pump, flow channel, and stage fixture for easy observation.

A variety of micro hole shapes

Micro hole substrates Micro hole size 0.5μm~20μm
Micro hole length ≥ 0.2mm
Aspect ratio ≥ 20(Max200)
Hole geometries Straight, tapered, or recessed
Material Silica glass
Pressure control unit Suction pressure 0kPa~-90kPa
Pressure resolution 1kPa
Max flow rate 2L/min
Software Pressure adjustment gauge
Pressure adjustment sequences
Applications Observation of cell membranes
Cell manipulations
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