Custom Ferrule

The long ferrule consists of two outer diameter sizes, φ2.5mm and φ1.25 mm, with various lengths and hole diameters available. We provide a variety of custom ferrule shapes such as grooves, which facilitates the installation of filters and special optical fibers.

Small hole diameter ferrules are used in a wide range of areas other than communication applications, including utilizing communication fibers for small diameter clads.

We offer high quality, high specification bowling type ferrules by our proprietary injection molding technology which allows a reduce fiber insertion loss after insertion.

We also produce special ferrules customized with multi-cores, inner diameters, outer diameters, lengths and various shapes according to customer requests.


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Custom Ferrule

Appearance: Custom Ferrule

Long Ferrule
  • Long Ferrule

  • Long Ferrule

Various ID Shapes / Various ID Sizes
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