HIP process

HIP process

HIP (hot isostatic pressing) is technology to pressurize materials with high temperature / high pressure (gas pressure). It is a process where high temperature of several 100 ~ 2000 ℃ and isotropic pressure of several 10 ~ 200 MPa are applied simultaneously to the object being processed.
In general, the pressure is isotropically applied by using gas such as argon. By using isotropic pressure, the object keeps its shape and densifies (shrinks), making it harder to break.
Hot isostatic pressurizing equipment pressurizes using the synergistic effect of high isotropic pressure and temperature.
We offer total service by combining HIP equipment with core technologies such as ultra precision processing technology.

HIP equipment (exterior photo)


・Improvement of mechanical properties through densification of the sintered
 product and internal defect removal.
・Removal of residual pores and densification of sintered products such as ceramics.

Acceptable material

・Ceramics (single color) excluding nitride.
 Metal products and multicolored products are not supported.

HIP equipment (Kobelco) specifications

Excerpt from KOBELCO (Kobe Steel Ltd.) instruction manual

Model Heating equipment (heater) Maximum pressure
SYS50X-SB Mo 196MPa (2,000kgf/cm2)

Excerpt from KOBELCO (Kobe Steel Ltd.) instruction manual

Maximum temperature Gas used Processing room dimensions
1,500 ℃
For regular use, 1,400 °C (recommended value)

Argon gas
Diameter 220 mm
Height 500 mm
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