LTCC is a multi-layer glass ceramic substrate which is co-fired with low resistance metal
conductors at low firing temperature (less than 1000℃). It is sometimes referred to as "Glass Ceramics" because its composition consists of glass and aluminum.

(Zero Shrinkage LTCC)

What makes Adamant's LTCC unique is its "Zero-shrinkage Sintering Process" which limits shrinkage to be in z-direction only. This process provides excellent dimensional accuracy and surface flatness. Adamant's LTCC also offers superb electrical characteristics thanks to its low dielectric ceramic materials and low resistance Ag conductors.

Shrinkage Ratio 15 0.12
Tolerance +/- 0.5% +/- 0.05%


Stability in High Frequency


Zero Shrinkage Ratio

More Parts After Firing!

High Accuracy of Shrinkage Tolerance

Suitable for Flip Chip!

Embedded RF Passives

Direct Copper Plating Electro Ceramics

Cu : > 70um
Available for Alumina, AlN

LTCC Processing

Main Applications

- MEMS Sensor Package
- RF SiP/FEM Substrate
- Frequency Device Package
- Medical Equipment
- Industrial Equipment
- LED Chip Carrier

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