Sapphire Container and Tube

Containers made of single crystal sapphire are resistant to corrosion from hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, etc.
Our company can produce container/crucible shaped sapphire by growing tubes from a seed crystal base with our unique EFG growing methodology.
As sapphire is a transparent material, it can be confirmed visually if a container has strong acids inside, such as those mentioned above, helping to avoid dangerous misuse.
Sapphire has many superior properties including heat resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and plasma resistance. It is optimal for observation of molten and/or high temperature material as it maintains transparency even under high temperatures that quartz glass cannot withstand.
In this way sapphire containers ensure the same transparency and wettability as glass even in environments in which glass cannot endure.

Although Teflon may be selected as a common material for various analyses, repeated use can cause contamination to stick to the surface and discoloration to occur.
Since sapphire eliminates surface contamination and controls dust generation, its applications extend to components analysis that require visibility and corrosion resistance, such as observation in liquid.

Please feel free to contact us regarding shape, dimensions, or product development consultation for physicochemical applications.

  • Crucible

  • Schale

  • Tube


Products Size External dimensions Internal dimensions
Crucible 30cc Equivalent φ60x18H φ50x16H
50cc Equivalent φ60x28H φ50x26H
100cc Equivalent -1 φ60x55H φ50x53H
100cc Equivalent -2 φ70x39H φ60x37H
Schale OD17xOH7 φ17x7H φ15x5H
OD60xOH23 φ60x23H φ50x15H
OD90xOH23 φ90x23H φ80x15H
Tube φ25 φ25x250 φ21
φ50 φ50x250 φ46
φ75 φ75x250 φ71
φ100 φ100x250 φ96

In addition to examples, we provide various processing technologies to meet your needs.

Customized Sapphire Processing Examples

Because sapphire has a hardness (HV2300) which ranks second to diamond, it cannot be cut like common metal. Moreover, sapphire is an insulator material, so electrical discharge machining is not possible either. Therefore, fine hole drilling (um order of magnitude) is carried out using customized Fs (Femtosecond) laser and UV laser processing. In addition, it is also possible to apply polishing process to holes with diameters over 35um.

Cross Section Stereophonic Views Processing Examples
Customized Sapphire Processing
Customized Sapphire Processing
Customized Sapphire Processing
Customized Sapphire Processing
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