Notice of Corporate Name Change - 

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd. will change its name on Jan. 1, 2023.

A special website is available.

Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO President and CEO Namiki Riyako

Adamant Namiki develops and manufactures core parts and products to meet a diverse range of needs in highly specialized industries. We produce diamonds, sapphires, and other industrial jewels, focusing on the precision cutting, grinding, and polishing of these materials.

Known for our made-to-order products, where we give our fullest attention to our customer's needs, we proud of our master craftsmanship that cannot be achieved through automation or machines. We have received high acclaim in a diverse range of niche markets, including telecommunications, semiconductors, robotics, precision equipment and biomedical science.

We have manufacturing bases in three domestic locations: Yuzawa and Yokote in Akita, northern Japan, and Kuroishi in neighboring Aomori Prefecture. The Tohoku region, where these cities are situated, is known for its heavy winter snow. The locals have long endured the harsh winters and are known for their perseverance and sturdy artisan spirit. The fresh air and abundant water flowing in from the Ou Mountains and Shirakami-Sanchi, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, make the region ideal for precision machining.
In addition to our Japan locations, we have sales offices in the United States, Germany, and Singapore, as well as a large manufacturing site in Thailand. We leverage our global network to connect Japanese craftsmanship with the rest of the world.

Our small island nation has grown to become a significant global economic power due to its ingenuity in craftsmanship that has won recognition around the globe.

We can expect to see increasing importance placed on miniaturization and environmental issues in the time to come. To continue to meet these demands, Adamant Namiki will stay at the forefront of global trends, honing its state-of-the-art technology to continue to satisfy its customers.

We take pride in supporting the growth of a variety of businesses by continuing to build on our previous successes and delivering useful products around the world.

Since our foundation, we have considered our company to be a family. As a family, every staff member continues to pursue creativity, productivity, and made-to-order technology for our customers, and promote traditional Japanese craftsmanship that will contribute to society. We embrace our mission to carry on the Japanese spirit of Takumi, or master craftsmanship, and will continue to weave a bright and prosperous future.

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