Ferrules / Sleeves

Adamant's ferrule and sleeve products are highly regarded as worldwide international standards. Fiber breakage during fiber insertion into the back opening of the ferrule can be drastically reduced by our original molding technology.
The zirconia ferrules and sleeves are our main products of fiber optic components, suitable for high end performance and quality for various fibers, connectors and device terminations.
Our zirconia ferrules are divided into 4 categories, single-mode, multi-mode, capillary and custom as well as other custom zirconia products with various shapes not associated with the fiber optic industry.
Zirconia sleeves are mostly used in adapters for the main purpose of connecting and aligning two inserted zirconia ferrules together. There are two kinds of zirconia sleeves; split sleeves and solid sleeves. Different sleeves can be manufactured in accordance to your application needs.
Adamant's zirconia ferrules and sleeves are designed at our head offices in Tokyo, Japan and manufactured at our own factories based on a thorough production and quality control systems. All of our ferrules are inspected for outer diameter, inner diameter and concentricity by our proprietary inspection measurement gauges and methods.

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