Porous Ceramics

Unidirectional oriented Porous Ceramics

Due to their chemical stability and high heat resistance, porous ceramics are used in various filters for water treatment and exhaust mufflers, as well as in jigs and containers for high-temperature heat treatment.
Porous ceramics manufactured by our company have high strength and rigidity. Pores can be oriented in one direction, and the majority of the pores are connected and open to the outside.
Due to the ceramic’s high strength, as well as the control and suppression of shrinkage during the ceramic welding stage, it is also possible to achieve a very high porosity (97% or more).

SEM image of microstructures

Our porous material can form a dense layer on the outer periphery. In addition to making the walls dense, it is also possible to intentionally create a nano-porous structure.

Pore size distribution

Our company’s porous material has a sharp pore size distribution with little variation in pore diameter.

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