Sapphire Cover Glass

In the late 1960's, conventional inorganic glass used for watch cover glass was rapidly being replaced with single crystal sapphire - an artificial jewel.
Additionally, as developments in sapphire substrate for semiconductor use were progressing, Namiki was among the first to successfully grow single crystal sapphire using the EFG method. Namiki's technological capabilities are highly valued in the Swiss watch industry, as Namiki has been able to meet the demand of recent design trends for uniquely-shaped sapphire while still maintaining the high quality that is essential for luxury watch components.

Pink sapphire

While sapphire glass is generally colorless and transparent, colored cover glass is also in demand for limited luxury watches. Using the EFG method, Namiki succeeded in mass growing uniformly-colored, large sized, single crystal pink sapphire. The pale pink sapphire cover glass can bring about an unparalleled, elegant design.

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