Bulk Metallic Glass

Metallic glass is a new type of amorphous metal developed mainly by Tohoku University. Conventional amorphous metal could only be used to make thin and small items because it crystallized rapidly unless cooled down quickly while in a melted alloy state. Metallic glass, however, solidifies without crystallization even if cooled down slowly during the melted alloy state, so relatively larger sized objects can be fabricated, expanding the applicable range for industrial use. In addition, metallic glass has several excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength, low elastic modulus, high formability, and excellent corrosion resistance. Utilizing these characteristics, application in various fields such as high-precision components, exterior components, sensors, springs, sports equipment and biomaterials is possible and promises better performances.

BMG's superior features: High transfer precision

When cooling from liquid state, no solidification shrinkage occurs, and it solidifies into a non-crystalline state.

Good dimensional accuracy & high molding transfer precision

BMG micro gear

Moldable by near net shape

Basic properties of BMG

Character Zr-BMG*1 Ti(Pure Titanium) SUS 316L
Density(g/cm3) 6.8 4.5 8.0
Tensile Strength (MPa) 1620 320 - 650 205 - 520
Vickers Hardness(Hv) 520 130 - 230 225
Young's Modulus(GPa) 81 106 200
Resistivity(μΩ/cm 20°C) 250 - 260 47 - 55 74

*1Composition(wt%): Zr67.02Cu25.46Ni3.92Al3.60

BMG: Expected applications

BMG is expected to be applicable in a variety of fields due to its superior features such as high strength, precision mold transferability, corrosion resistance, and elasticity. Taking advantage of these features, products such as φ300μm gears or a highly sensitive pressure sensor can be produced. By utilizing BMG material and our unique mold processing technology, Namiki Precision Jewel responds to customer needs and opens up the possibilities for features and high-precision products that have been unrealized until now.

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