Heat resistant/dissipation sapphire

Saphire template Saphire template

Using our own EFG method for crystal growth, we can manufacture sapphire into square and circular shapes efficiently, since coring and slicing are unnecessary. Sapphire can be used as a setter for firing processes thanks to its high resistance to heat and chemicals.
Unlike conventional alumina/ceramic setters, single crystal sapphire does not develop problems such as warpage or deterioration over time, or cause contamination from setter impurities or degassing.
This contributes to increased quality of manufactured products. In addition, we provide support for re-polishing and cleaning setters, which contributes to overall improvement of life-cycle cost.

Item Specification
Size □25mm □50mm □75mm □100mm □125mm □150mm
Material Artificial sapphire( Al2O3 99.99%以上)
Thickness 1,5,10mm
Orientation c-plane(0001)
Front side finishing Polish (Ra<0.3nm)
Back side finishing Polish (Ra<0.3nm)
Remarks Customizable specifications: diameter, thickness, orientation, etc.
Other options : re-polishing
Saphire template Saphire template
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