Fiber Optic Connectors / Adapters /
Attenuators / Terminators

The Optical Connector is one of the most essential components for Optical Communication. The connectors mate or connect with optical Device, modules, and fibers. Two main Zirconia Ferrule sizes are used for Optical Connectors. We offer connectors with stable qualities that use our own manufactured high quality Zirconia Ferrules. We offer an array of connector kits and adapters for FC, SC, MU, and LC Configurations.

Optical Converters connect different kinds of connector types ensuring a low connection loss. Because the ferrule OD's are the same, to connect MU Connectors with LC connectors is relatively easy. However, special techniques are required for connecting the connector in which ferrule OD's are different.

There are two kinds of optical converters; one is a Female to Female Type also called a Converting Adapter and the other is a Male to Female Type also called a Plug-In Converter.

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